Dr. med. Philipp Franko Zeitz
Dr. med. Joachim Zeitz


Blumenstrasse 11-15
40212 Düsseldorf


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aberration (1)aberrometry (1)ablatio retinae (13)accommodating intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: accommodating IOL, accommodating lens) (1)accompanying retinal detachment (1)acute multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMPPE) (4)adult vitelliform macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: AVMD) (3)advanced cataract (1)against the rule astigmatism (Abbreviations & acronyms: ATRA) (1)age-related macular degeneration (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMD, ARMD) (15)alpha zone (6)altitudinal hemianopsia (5)amnion membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: AM) (2)amniotic membrane transplantation (Abbreviations & acronyms: AMT) (2)angioid streaks (pl.) (1)angle closure (4)angle closure glaucoma (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACG) (1)annular reflex (1)anterior blepharitis (2)anterior capsular phimosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: capsular phimosis) (1)anterior capsule membrane (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACM) (1)anterior chamber (Abbreviations & acronyms: AC) (10)anterior chamber angle (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACA, angle) (10)anterior chamber angle width (Abbreviations & acronyms: angle width) (5)anterior chamber cells (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACC, cells, C) (pl.) (8)anterior chamber depth (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACD, AC depth) (3)anterior chamber flare (Abbreviations & acronyms: ACF) (3)anterior chamber intraocular lens (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior chamber IOL, AC IOL, AC-IOL, ACIOL) (5)anterior corneal surface (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior surface) (1)anterior eye segment (Abbreviations & acronyms: AES) (4)anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (Abbreviations & acronyms: AION) (UK) (1)anterior polar cataract (Abbreviations & acronyms: APC) (3)anterior segment optical coherence tomography (Abbreviations & acronyms: anterior segment OCT, AS-OCT, ASOCT) (6)anterior synechiae (pl.) (6)anterior uveitis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AU) (4)aphakia (1)aphakic (1)apical corneal scarring (Abbreviations & acronyms: apical scarring) (3)applanation tonometer (3)applanation tonometry (3)arcus lipoides (5)areas of capillary non-perfusion (2)Argon laser photocoagulation (specific, spezifisch) (7)Arlt´s triangle (1)arteriovenous crossing changes (Abbreviations & acronyms: AV crossing changes) (2)artificial lens (3)asphericity (1)asteroid hyalosis (Abbreviations & acronyms: AH) (6)astigmatism (2)astrocytic hamartoma (4)athalamia (3)attenuated vessel (2)autofluorescence (11)Avellino dystrophy (1)Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome (Abbreviations & acronyms: ARS) (2)