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The following persons already contributed to the dictionary:



Dr. Yumit Salimehmed, Bonn, Germany (886 terms)

Hsin-wen Amanda Wu, Ticino, Switzerland (624 terms)

Dr. Elvira Vilms, Belgorod, Russia (78 terms)

Dr. Reinhard Kaden, Heidelberg, Germany (56 terms)

Prof. Dr. Gerrit Melles, Rotterdam, Netherlands (45 terms)

Dr. Tochtli Rizzo, Guadalajara, Mexico (30 terms)

Haralabos Papatheodorou MD, Msc, PhD, Athens, Attiki, Greece (27 terms)

Dr. Elmar Winsauer, Düsseldorf, Germany (10 terms)

Sabine Akabayov, PhD, Harvard, Massachusetts, USA (7 terms)

Dr. Michael Klein, Duisburg, Germany (5 terms)

Prof. Dr. Markus Kohlhaas, Dortmund, Germany (4 terms)

Peter Leeflang, Palmeira, Galicia, Spain (3 terms)

PD Dr. Sigrid Roters, Cologne, Germany (3 terms)

Dr. Ognjen Zrinšćak, Zagreb, Croatia (3 terms)

Prof. Dr. Juan Antonio Durán de la Colina, Bilbao, Spain (2 terms)

Dr. Magdalena Dziewanowski, Düsseldorf, Germany (2 terms)

Dr. Tjebo Heeren, Bonn, Germany (1 term)

Dr. Charles Stoffel, Luxembourg (1 term)

Thomas Hedden (1 term)

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kaufmann, Gießen, Germany




Prof. Dr. Helmut Wilhelm, Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen, Germany (164 pictures)

Dr. Suphi Taneri, Zentrum für refraktive Chirurgie & St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, Germany (54 pictures)

PD Dr. Sigrid Roters, Augenklinik der Universität Köln, Cologne, Germany (50 pictures)

Augenklinik Tausendfensterhaus, Duisburg, Germany (41 pictures)

Prof. Dr. Tobias Stupp, Meerbusch, Germany (22 pictures)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Theo Seiler, Claudia Kindler, IROC, Zürich, Switzerland (2 pictures)


We would really like to thank all the people who improved the dictionary and eye atlas by sending missing terms or pictures. 




The dictionary was mainly build by analyzing ophthalmological media in different languages and by internet research. We especially would like to thank the publishers and authors of the following media which we frequently consulted:



Jack Kanski, Clinical Ophthalmology (various languages); Myron Yanoff, Jay Duker, Ophthalmology; Ulrich Kellner, Retina



Wikipedia, PUBMED, Atlas of Ophthalmology,, Google Translate, Uitmuntend, Crodict,, NIIOS Rotterdam,,, Oogheelkunde Dr. Vryghem Brussels,, Dr. Tsichlis Athens