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Case 2 presentation

contributed by

Dr. Detlef Engineer and Dr. Katja Kirchhoff, Augenklinik Tausendfensterhaus, Duisburg, Germany

Categories: Vitreoretinal, vascular changes

Key problem: Finding of unknown etiology with necessity of urgent treatment

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Female, 46 years old, Asian

History of sudden vision loss left eye 6 weeks prior to consultation in our clinic. Patient states that vision was full on both eyes prior to incident. Examinations have been made at home (in China) directly after event. Patient brings print-outs of fundus photography, angiography, OCT and sonography.

Best-corrected visual acuity: OD 20/20, OS hand motion

IOD: 15/12 mmHg

Anterior segment: OD within normal limits, OS severe vitreous hemorrhage, otherwise within normal limits

Fundus: OD no abnormalities detected, OS not visible because of vitreous hemorrhage

Plan: OS vitrectomy performed

Fundus (print-outs brought by patient)

Angiography (print-outs brought by patient)

Sonography (print-outs brought by patient)

OCT (print-outs brought by patient)

Sonography (on examination)

Fundus (after vitrectomy)

Angiography OD (after vitrectomy)

Angiography OS (after vitrectomy)

What might have caused these findings and how would You have proceeded?

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