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Case 3 opinions

1th of July 2012

by: Prof. Dr. senior physician, specialized on cornea, university clinic in southern Germany:

“In my opinion this patient has developed a limbal stem cell deficiency. The upper cornea shows conjunctivalization which should not be confused with punctate keratopathy. It could be a complication of the Herpes infection (it can also be seen in SJS, (pseudo-)pemphigoids or in severe cases of blepharitis). The decision to stop the virustatic therapy and to continue only with artificial tears was correct. I would continue that way.”

12th of July 2012

by Prof. Dr. Markus Kohlhaas, specialized on cornea, head physician, St. Johannes-Hospital, Dortmund, Germany:

“I would keep up the artificial tears but add steroids (I prefer ointments, i.e. a prednisone ointment 4 times a day) to control the immune reaction. Virustatic medications are not necessary anymore.”

12th of November 2012

by Dr. Hörster, Wegberg, Germany:

“Stem cell insufficiency related to chemotherapy. Controlled treatment with mild topical steroids.”

25th of February 2013

by Dr. P, Trier, Germany:

“Continue with aciclovir ointment and steroid drops hourly  if possible also systemic treatment. I think it is an interstit. keratitis.”